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For everyone using Firefox and, Foxylicious is a very wonderful extension. I was searching on Google for tips on how to back up bookmarks when I came across this article.

I have installed the extension and it works! The coolness of it all is that I don't have to log in to everytime I want to access my bookmarks when I am using my computer in the office.

I just love and Firefox so much!



I have heard about people using Google Desktop search and the beauty of it all. Well, I guess it's worth checking out. I have to apologize to my friend Raichu because I thought he was talking about the Google deskbar which I installed because it amde my computer slow... Anyhow, I saw an article that says something about Slogger.

For people who are using Firefox and Google Desktop, Slogger is an extension that would "extend Google's Desktop Search to webpages you've viewed with Firefox, or just want to keep an offline archive, Slogger is in the right place, at the right time" (quote from the article). Now that I know that this extension for Firefox exists, I might actually give Google Desktop Search a try when I get back to work on Monday. This would indeed help me archive the sites I browse through.

I am just amazed at people who make things easier for others by writing such neat extensions ^_^


My first kill

Hehe. I am not a murderous person. It's just that I am happy about my first kill last night.

I was editing some things for the project I am working on. I was running XMMS, GEDIT, the stickies applet, OpenOffice Writer and Epiphany all at once. Then my sister called my attention for something. When I came back to my computer, XMMS froze. Yes, it FROZE. I wasn't sure what to do. There isn't the CTRL-ALT-DEL combo to launch the task manager.

"What now?" I thought to myself and immediately thought of sending SMS to Carl and Mario. But it was already 12 midnight! I opened the Linux documentation but my mind wanted to hold a book physically to quickly scan the pages. Then I remembered that I have a copy of Linux Unleased. (Just a photocopy though.) I started digging up piles and piles of paper all over the house til I found it.

I knew that I was supposed to "KILL" the process. But how do I do that? I flipped through the photocopied pages Linux Unleashed when - Eureka! - I found it. Yay!

I logged in as root to see all the processes.

So what happened?

  1. I ran bash and typed su, thinking that by doing this I would see all the processes running.
  2. I scanned the pages for the guide on terminating processes.
  3. I typed in ps -e to get the processes and the pids.
  4. I noted the pid of the process I wanted to kill.
  5. I typed kill
  6. I exited from the command line as root.

Then everything went back to normal. ^_________^

It's nothing big, really. But for me, it is. I remember Carl telling me something about the kill command. But I never really had to use it. At least, now I know. I learned it that hard way. But this is worth remembering for me. This is one difference between Linux and Windows that I have to get used to. No Task Manager for me when I am using Mandrake 10. But bash works perfectly fine. And quick too!

And I even IMed Carl this morning that I was feeling giggly about that first kill I made. ^_^ I think I am weird, giggly over just one kill. But he said that I was pretty normal. *giggles* Weird, I feel like I am blushing over this thing!

Must read bash commands. I need to learn the basics so I won't have to panic anymore(^0_0^)

Linux newbies and non-Linux users: This is what I meant in the above written commands.

To log in as root, the SuperUser. The password is needed.
Process status.
This would select all the processes. I guess e stands for everything.
This kills the process. Need I explain more?^_^
The process ID. In the case of kill , this is the process of id of the process you want to kill.
To logout.


Ooh! What do these buttons do?!

As you have seen on the sidebar, I have put there some buttons. Let me state the reasons why I have put them there:

I am currently using Mandrake 10 at home. It is my effort to move on to open source software ever since my conscience started bugging me. Not that I don't use Windows anymore. I still do, actually, because in the office our machines run on Windows XP. Mandrake 10 is worth a try. Combine it with GNOME or KDE, it's fairly easy to use. It has a software manager so one doesn't have to go to the command line to install packages. It's not as intimidating as I thought it would be but there are some aspects that I have yet to explore.

Get Firefox!
Firefox is absolutely great. Ever since I used Firefox, I have not used Internet Explorer again, unless the site I am browsing indicates that it is better to use IE. That's what happened to me one time that I tried browsing a Microsoft website, I think. I love the tabbed browsing, the extensions, the themes... You just got to experience Firefox^_^

I have just joined this community. This blog is specifically the one I entered in RBJ. Do check it out. There are a lot of journalling Asians in that community. I have yet to become active in the forums though since I am fairly new to the community. If you want to become part of the RBJ community, just post your request to join there^_^

Listed on Blogwise
I have submitted my blog on Blogwise. There are other interesting blogs listed in Blogwise. Just check it out every once in a while.

Listed on BlogShares

Blogshares is a game. It's like playing stock markets but the stockholders are bloggers. Very interesting but I am actually still confused at the rules of the game. I guess I am not very much a "stocks" person like others are but I thought it might be fun and educational.

Powered by Blogger
Of course! How could I forget?! I am actually on Blogger^_^ I like using Blogger because I can easily change the template of my blog and put it add ons. Very customizable for a newbie such as myself. Currently, I am using one of the defaults that are available but I am asking my sister Zhynchan to help me out in the layout I want. Another thing I like about Blogger is that you could choose to have your blog on Blogspot or on your webhost.


Some random quizzes I took from the Wandering Geek

This has been posted but there were some errors in the tags. I had to edit this post.

I was checking out some blogs and I couldn't help but take these quizzes from the Wandering Geek

Which File Extension are You?

How true... I sometimes feel this way. Not all the time. Just sometimes. The scripted part and the workhorse parts, I mean.

Which OS are You?

True. I don't have a great memory. *laughs*


I was talking with the Emacs Psychiatrist

It was weird talking to the Emacs psychiatrist. Dang and I did that last night.
Picture of Emacs here.
This is the transcript.

This "conversation" happened last night. I showed Dang that there is such a thing as an Emacs psychiatriatrist that seems to need the therapy more than anyone else.
The Emacs psychiatrist is the one who began this "conversation." My comments are in the /**/ marks======Begin here===================================I am the psychotherapist. Please, describe your problems. Each timeyou are finished talking, type RET twice.
i have a dog who has a girlfriend /*Clair is the one who is currently "talking" to the Emacs psychiatrist*/
Why do you say you have a dog who has a girlfriend?
he does
Is it because of your plans that you say he does?
no. i have observed that he checks out this girl
Is it because he checks out this girl that you came to me?
Why not?
because he is a dog
Does it bother you that he is a dog?
Are you annoyed that I ask that?
I see... Well, what makes you believe this is so?
this is crazy!
Maybe your life have something to do with this.
what do you mean by that> Can you elaborate on that?
i am asking you!
Are you sure that you are asking I?
Yes, hmmm... so, do you really think this is so?
Why not?
because that is not my problem. you are my problem /*Dang takes the keyboard*/
When did you first know that that is not your problem I am yourproblem?
what? you are making me dizzy!
Earlier you said he checks out this girl?
yes i said that
I would appreciate it if you would continue.
what else could i say? my dog checks her out and other dogs arechecking her out
Is it because of the people you hang around with that you are goingthrough all this?
no. it's the dog
Is it because of problems at school that you say it's the dog?
no, it is really the dog
You mentioned that he is a dog?
Go on, don't be afraid.
i swear, there's nothing wrong about him being a dog!!!!
How do you reconcile any hobbies you have?
What makes you think o o?
^^;;;; this is silly. Why do you say that is not your problem I am your problem?
I need a little more detail please.
huh? huh? huh?
Perhaps this has something to do with your sex life?
WHATTTTT!!!! /*Dang and I both had shocked expressions, and we almost fell to the floor. Dang is still the one on the keyboard at this time.*/
You're being a bit brief, perhaps you could go into detail.
I'm talking to a computer about my dog dating. And you're asking meabout my sexlife?! How about my dog's?! O_o;
Is the fact that about your dog's o o the real reason?
what's o o?
Is it because of hangups you have that you say what's o o?
yes, because i'm taking the easy way out about this therapy bit.
Does the fact that you are taking the easy way out about this therapybit explain anything else?
Why not?
because you won't pass the turing test! you're not making any sense! O_o;
Are you sure I will not pass the turing test I am not making any senseo o?
Earlier you said he checks out this girl?
Redundancy. Whomade this program anyway?
Can you are more explicit?
You are grammatically incorrect. In cases when you use such a verblike can, you must use the base form of the next verb. All your base are belong to us
What happened when I use such a verb like can I must use the base formof the next verb all my base are belong to us?
never mind...O_o;;;
Possibly your inhibitions are related to this.
>+<;;; *steaming*
*kills psychiatrist*
What makes you believe *kills psychiatrist?
This is not a healthy way of thinking. /*At this remark of the program, Dang and I were laughing hard*/
So you understand that I want to kill you now?
Did you ever regret you, too, may die someday?
What in the world are you asking me? You shall die now
I am worried by your obsession with this topic!
You were asking me about my sex life when I was talking about my dogchecking out another dog and now that you have upset me, you must die
Did you watch a lot of crime and violence on television as a child?
(Inui would do a better job as a psychiatrist. There is a 100%probability he would)
You mentioned that he is a dog?
INUI IS NOT A DOG!!! Is it because of some problems in your childhood that you are goingthrough all this?
How come?
turing test failed subject alert! turing test failed subject alert!
Are you sure that that?
yes! hai! oo! oui! what language would you understand?
Do you really think that is not your problem I am your problem?
at least you understand that you are my problem, not i. so, what areyou going to do about it?
Is it because I am your problem not you so what are I going to doabout it that you came to me?
/kill/kiilll/////KILLLLLLL. Bill.
How do you reconcile some problems at home?
/*Clair takes the keyboard from Dang at this point*/Enough of this...
Is it because of your plans that you say enough of this?
too bad you must die
This is not a healthy way of thinking.
a slow painful death for the emacs psychiatrist
Emacs? Hah! Please, continue.
i heard you say that already /*I was playing around with the Emacs psychologist earlier*/
Would you please go into more detail?
/*Dang wanted to type random things*/bill gates
Earlier you said about your dog's o o?
You aren't being very talkative today!
/*At this point, I just pressed enter so it is basically the Emacs psychiatrist talking to itself.*/
Maybe this is related to your life?
What makes you think maybe this is related to my life?
You mentioned that you are taking the easy way out about this therapybit?
Are you sorry I am taking the easy way out about this therapy bit?
Perhaps the people you hang around with could have caused this.
I don't understand.
Why do you say I will not pass the turing test I am not making anysense o o?
When did you first know that do I say you will not pass the turingtest you are not making any sense o o?
/*the monologue ends here. Clair types in a response to all of the things that the Emacs psychiatrist has "said"*/
Wow... You are talking to yourself now that i have been silent
Is the fact that you have been silent the real reason?
/*That was the last question that the Emacs psychiatrist asked. I had to end it there or Dang and I would have had a stomach ache because of laughing*/


Gmail, bloglines, encoding

This is weird.

I couldn't acces Gmail from the computers here in the net cafe near the house. Same thing goes for Bloglines.

Oh well. I wish I sent my google alerts to my Yahoo!mail account then.

And I have tried various encoding to browse sites that have Japanese characters and yet it doesn't seem to work properly.

Never mind. I will worry about those things another day. I have some links in my account that are useful for my research anyway.

Things I have to look for:

  • More background information about Bolsa Chica.
  • A driver for the keyboard-tablet combo.
  • A book to use for learning Japanese, aside from the ones I have.
  • The Spectacular Tree by Robert Magnuson.
  • E-books of "Pudd'nhead Wilson" and "The Name of the Rose" - if there are any that exist.
  • Mp3s of more Monday Michiru songs. (Ask Tubay.)
  • A black skirt and a brown vest for the Yomiko Readman costume.
  • The books for next semester. (The list is in my drawer!!!)


Concert for a Cause

There will be a benefit concert on October 15, Friday, at the Greenhills Christian Fellowship Auditorium. (It is just a few meters away from the back of Robinson's Galleria.) The proceeds of the concert will go to Aaron Joel Ravelo's liver transplant operation. The two-year old child has biliary atresia, a rare liver disease. It is a congenital disease and the child has already gone through 3 operations already but he still needs to undergo another one, a liver transplant. The family still has to raise Php2 million for the surgery.

The concert will feature the following artists: Arnel de Pano, Bayang Barrios, Noel Cabangon, Acoustic Jive, etc. In case you are interested, please comment on this post, the Flooble chatterbox at the sidebar, email me or send me a message through Y!IM (my Y!ID is happy_eclair) or you could also email bzerpgee (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Thank you so much and God bless!


COMDDAP, a new keyboard, coffee and hanging out at home

I went to COMDDAP on Saturday morning. Met with Carl, Erykr and Marco in front of the NBC Tent. Erykr had the keyboard with the tablet and it was the keyboard Dang and I were so excited to borrow from Carl. It's great for Open Canvass and other similar apps. Anyway, we went in as trade visitors and I had the mistake of writing my full name so my name tag had my full name. (Ugh!)

Anyhow, we split up into 2 teams: Carl and I, Erykr and Marco. Carl drooled over the LCD monitors. I was kinda drooling over them as well because they are pretty sleek and all. And you could pivot them and stuff. They looked somewhat sturdy but I don't think I will ever be able to afford one.

There were a lot of digital cameras as well. I think that Tubay, Trebs, Tyran and Brymac would have liked to try those out. There were laptops galore that people could check out. The Asus ones are pretty cool. (I have always thought they were.) I wish Carl could write a more detailed post on his blog but he has never posted anything so I am sorry I can't give you details. Gomen!

Microsoft software were on sale as well. But, of course, it's not much of a sale since MS Office 2003 costs around Php 23,000. They were selling other Microsoft software but the price range was between Php 23,000-Php 30,000, methinks. In Greenhills, you could get them for much cheaper and I mean, MUCH cheaper. (If you're one of the buyers from Greenhills and your conscience suddenly speaks up and tells you to get the original, you'd really think more than twice when you see the prices of the originals.)

I wanted to check the HP booth but so many people were there wanting to trade in their old printers. I wanted to see if they had any iPAQs in their booth. Too bad I don't have the patience to go through the crowd. (Maybe I should have gone there on a weekday...)

Carl was able to get us some free icecream, by the way. He answered the pop quiz in the IBM booth^_- Coolness.

Anyhow, we left for the Coffee Break in the ground floor of Glorietta. There were a lot of coffee! Free coffee!!! Dang would have loved it there if only she didn't have classes. The guys had three to four cups each but I couldn't afford to drink more than two cups because of my reflux. (The acid levels of my stomach - I have to watch out.) There was also a Sony Ericsson booth there and Carl checked out the blue tooth headset. The P910 looks absolutely sleek and it is very functional but the price is a whopping Php 44,000. Aiyee! A PDA and a phone would be nice but I think that the price is too much. I'd rather have a cheap phone and a not to expensive handheld. At least I won't be afraid to answer my calls in public.

We also had lunch in Glorietta as soon as Zeus got there. Lots of talk and fun stories. I wish I could write everything in detail but my memory isn't that sharp.-_-;

After bidding Zeus adieu, I brought the three guys home. I mean, they went along with me. And at home, we talked about cosplay ideas, Carl ripped Dang's cd and we burned some stuff for them. Carl showed me how OneNote works. It's nifty for jotting down notes. Carl sent me a screenshot before. The link to it is here. He also made sure that the tablet was working smoothly on our Windows 2000 Pro. I have to check out drivers for it so it would work on Mandrake 10. Aside from the keyboard, he also gave me a copy of the Bibledesktop for Linux^_^ And Wordweb too. Dang was happy that Carl was able to download Open Canvas. Carl forgot to give me a copy of Knoppix though;_; And he couldn't download Hikarunix. ;_;

All in all it was fun day though kinda tiring because of all the walking and stuff^_^


Change in Plans

Tomorrow, I can't go to all the exhibits because of certain domestic matters. Anyhow, I at least plan to go to COMDDAP. My sister might forego the coffee festival but I can't let that happen so I will just be the one to go home early.

eClair's plan tomorrow:

  1. Go to COMDDAP in the morning. (Exhibit opens at 10am.)
  2. Drop by Cubao to check out some books.
  3. Go home and settle some things.
  4. Evening: Finish up all that I can concerning the Bolsa Chica wetlands project.

Note to sable_eminence: You and Erick still dropping by COMDDAP and our house? Anyhow, SMS me the details. Thanks!


Comic strips

I have been subscribing to RSS feeds of Dilbert, Calvin and Hobbes, Foxtrot, Garfield and NonSequitur. These comic strips never cease to make me smile.

It's been crazy how I suddenly laugh out loud while I am all alone in the library! Sometimes I couldn't even stop myself from laughing.

Thanks to Bloglines, and My Yahoo! I have my daily fix of comics!

But also because of, I have found the link to Mutts! (I sometimes forget to search for these things...) Now I have been able to download a cute wallpaper. And have some laughs too. But I didn't see if they have RSS for the comics. At least I would get them in the mail.

That makes me one happy kitty!


Sat afternoon with Anj is cancelled

Anj IMed me this morning and told me that we couldn't meet on Saturday anymore because she will have her grad pic taken. Oh well.

Is anyone going to the COMDDAP?^_^

Anyhow, I got this cool link from Sacha.

Again, I have seen WordPress and emacswiki. I am itching to try them out both. But not now. Not yet.


Random notes on my Notebook

This came from my random notes yesterday:

Strunk and White is online! Check this out ->
GIMP tutorials:

Taken from Sacha. Windows-based stuff that help in research work. ->
Homepage of this app! ->
Beta of Bible Gateway ->
From Trebs->
Are you using XMMS too?
From Wandering Geek:


I have downloaded a wiki-like program called Notebook. It is very much like a notebook, actually. And it's very easy to use. I am using Windows XP in the office and I have been jotting down reminders and random notes and drafts of blog posts on that program. For Windows users, you just download it and presto! You have it up and running. Very simple to use especially if you are a note-taker like me but you don't want to have too much paper lying around. But if you're the type who stil needs to have some print outs, sorry but this isn't capable of printing out your notes. It's one of the limitations. Anyhow, if you would like to check it out the site is here:

Things to remember

I am not in the office right now so I don't have my Notebook for jotting down notes. Anyhow, here it goes:

Saturday with Anj

Yes, I will hang out with Anj on Saturday! Yay! The last time we hung out was when we watched Spider-man2. We will meet in McDo Panay at 9am then go to COMDDAP. From there, we will what else we will do. (To continue on to the other exhibits or watch a movie.)

Conversation with Sacha on Y!IM

Has a conversation abut PIM and what-not with Sacha just a while ago. Now I know what I shuld check out on the net aside from PIM. I should also look for "random information manager" programs. Now I know what those are called. She also gave the link to the ACM Digital Library.

It was nice talking abut PIM with her. And I am really planning to try out Planner one of these days^_^

Bolsa Chica Wetlands info

I have no "post to" bookmarklet here in the net cafe so I am posting the URLs here in my blog then transfer them to my account tomorrow.

The above-mentioned links are all related to the history of Bolsa Chica.


Coffee festival!

If you love coffee, this is a must-go event!

In celebration of the coffee month in October, the annual coffee festival is running from October 4 (Monday) to October 17 (Sunday) 2004 at the ground floor of Glorietta 4, Ayala Center, Makati City. Coffee Break is a partnership between the National Coffee Development Board and Ayala Center to showcase the Philippine coffee industry. The event promises to be the gathering place where visitors can unwind, sample different coffees and take a break from their daily routine.

taken from:

Check out the website for more details.^_^

This information has been originally been brought up to me by doubledutchess.

Exhibits this month

I want to go to these exhibits. If you have time, go to them as well^_^ The last item is something I want to attend for sure because one of my friends has a project there (the Ice Age theme).

COMDAPP Expo Manila 2004

Expo of hardware, software and services.
Free admission.
Raffle prizes*Bargain*Promos*Special discounts
Date: October 7-9, 2004
Place: NBC Tent (Fort Global City)
Time: 10am-730pm
Expo hotline: 750-9456
Email: [email protected]

Likha ng Central Luzon
Furniture & furnishings
Gifts, toys, & houseware
Fashion accessories
Processed foods
Holiday decors
Organic & natural foods
Date: October 6-10, 2004
Place: SM Megatrade Hall 1

Popcorn: PSID Goes to the Movies
Themes for the interiors from these movies: “Breakfast at Tiffany’s,” “Moulin Rouge,” “Lord of the Rings,” “Dracula,” “Ice Age,” “Austin Powers,” “Frida,” “Lawrence of Arabia.”
Date: October 3-31, 2004
Place: Level 4, Paseo Center (formerly IBM Building)
Short write up from Manila Bulletin:

“Popcorn: PSID Goes to the Movies” will be open to the public for the month of October.

The Philippine School of Interior Design (PSID), the country’s premiere design institution, is dedicated solely to the study of interior design and has for the past 37 years produced some of the country’s brightest and most talented designers.

The annual exhibition is a fitting tribute to the school’s unwavering commitment to uplifting the development of design in the Philippines.


A new layout

I got this from If you are on Blogger and would be interested in other templates the link is on the sidebar. The one that says "Blogtemps."

I just didn't want my blog to be so pink forever. Anyhow, there are still some weird things about this lay out. Take for example the comments section. It's a pop-up box. It came with the template.

I have no time to fix these things yet but please comment through the comment box or through the tag-board. That or email me: happy (dot) eclair (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks!

Panic attack

I don't know what exactly went on with my machine last night but I had a lesson on the various run levels and the use of rm -rf.

It's very dangerous when you're logged in as root. How can I forget that lesson?!

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