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Site updates and changes

Start the new year by making site changes and updates. As you can see, I have changed my layout and there are a bunch of dead links to my old posts. Previously, I have mentioned the tragedy of having lost my files when the server of my webhost went down=(

Anyhow, change can be viewed as good=) It could be seen as starting from a clean slate. I have posted some screenshots of Emacs Planner on my site and I hope that you would take the time to check them out. I love using Planner and I guess that by putting up screenshots it would make things intelligible to my friends who don't know what I am talking about and I hope that they would check it out too. Planner is really interesting and I hope to put some more links that are related to Planner sometime soon. It is just the first of a series of screenshots.

I have yet to upload some files that is why you culd see some sub-topics that should exist. Please bear with the site revamp.

Have a happy new year everyone!

PS: I have taken the time to make screenshots because I was annyed at what I was doing. I couldn't seem t get much work done because transcription was difficult and time online is scarce.


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