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I am interested in information technology because of the things that has been happening to it and how it affects our day-to-day living. It has certainly affected mine^_^ Certain topics that I am specifically interested in are Emacs (especially Planner), Linux, Open Source Software and other services that help me in my blogging and library work. I don't consider myself as a certified techie but I am more like an enthusiast. I hope to share some things I learn through this section of my site.


I started using Emacs when I got interested in Planner. I am using Emacs on my laptop and also on the office computer even though it is on Windows XP because Emacs has a Windows port (Yay!).
A Newbie's Thoughts on Using Planner Mode on Emacs [2005.01.01]
Screenshots of Planner (Part 1) [2005.01.01]
Screenshots of Planner (Part 2)


I started using MandrakeLinux 10 in August 2004. It was installed in the dual boot desktop machine at home. There are some really interesting apps that came along with it that got me hooked. And it never ceases to amaze that people develop apps that are free or open source. Good thing that there's KDE. And also GNOME and Enlightenment that diminish the intimidation factor of using Linux as an operating system. I fumble along the way but learning is fun (^o_o^)
Desktop Screenshots (to be updated sporadically)
Installing apps: tarball