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Experimenting with the laptop

I had a dual boot Windows 2000 Pro and Ubuntu Linux on my ThinkPad R30 early this week. It was fine except for the fact that I needed some KDE apps but I don't have the access to them so I decided to switch back to Mandrake. I wanted to try installing Mandrake 10.1 Official Edition again and check the Xorg.0.log file when I try to boot up again. The thing was that I accidentally wiped out the Windows partition that Carl set up for me. Uh-oh! I have no idea how in the world to fix this mess except to SMS him about it. I am currently saving how-to's and stuff like that.

Maybe I should stick with a purely Linux laptop? And how do I try to make extra partitions for other distros I might like to try out in the future? Mhac mentioned to me yesterday that 5GB of space is enough for another distro. Must look for information on this. I am really interested in finding my "baby distro" ^_^ So far, Mandrake 10 looks wonderful with all the packages included in the 4 CDs. I don't have to download other stuff right away. And that is good because I don't have internet access at home. Ubuntu loaded up really fast on the laptop though. If only Mandrake 10 would be like that... It would be perfect! I also checked out SLAX last night and it is also nice. But I would rather have Open Office than the KDE Office Suite. Oh well.


At 21:45, Dominique said...

Hi, Claire. Sorry to hear that you nuked your partition. You can get a Thinkpad recovery CD but it's going to set you back by about P1,500. You can get it from ISD, located at the fifth floor of the IBM Building.

If you want to stick with Linux, I might suggest SuSE. It's great!

At 09:02, eClair said...

Thanks for the tip, Dom! I might not get the recovery CD from IBM anymore because I think with Linux on my ThinkPad^_-

Carl does recommend SuSE but I don't see any ISOs of 9.2 available. Would you know where to get them? Is SuSE your "baby distro"?


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