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The right Nokia phone for me?

On this page of the Nokia website, you could find which of the models are suited for your lifestyle. Let me see what would happen if I have these combinations:

My profession: company employed
My communication needs: socializing
My fashion style: sport casual
My leisure time: mobile entertainment
My mobility: commuter travel
My spending preference: low range

The top 3 matches are:

  1. Nokia 5140 - This is one sporty phone. It has a Fitness Coach and an integrated digital compass. It also has a design that makes sure that it is splash resistant and is supposed to be durable, in case of accidental bumps. It has a camera, too, so that is good for taking snapshots of places you go to and you feel like sending them to your friends and family at that specific time. It has infrared but no Bluetooth.

  2. Nokia 3330 - This one includes a 64Mb memory card so you could take your music with you (AAC and MP3). It also has an FM radio tuner and a recording feature. It has no infrared nor Bluetooth=(

  3. Nokia 3360 - This one has video capture and streaming. It has both infrared and Bluetooth. However it has no radio. It has Symbian for its OS.

With these 3 matches that I got, I might go for the first one in case there is one available and if it really is not so expensive. Even though it has no Bluetooth, at least it has infrared. One important thing I like about is its design. I bump into walls and posts, because I am quite a klutz sometimes, so that is really one big factor.

But to tell the truth, one of the big factors why I would still get a Nokia phone instead of a Sony Ericsson one is the radio. I haven't seen a phone of theirs with an integrated FM radio tuner. For a commuter like me, I would like to have that feature especially when riding in the FX for more than an hour. And they are relatively cheap, at least the models that are available in the market. The ones I would considering buying, that is. Currently, I am eyeing the Nokia 3200, the Nokia 6610i and the Nokia 2600. I am hoping that towards the end of the year the prices would get lower. I like the features of these phones and maybe by then I can afford to buy a new phone. I hope. There are other manufacturers, true, but I need my radio to keep me company. And it has to be sturdy too. The 3200 has a flashlight - hehehe. That would help me during blackouts.


At 14:30, Anonymous said...

The SE K700i has an FM Radio Tuner. I use it every now and then (during times when the battery on my mp3 player runs out that is). The other SE phones that also have built-in radios are the S700 and the P910.
- Head Geekette

At 15:43, the NBA Addict said...


It would be best if you found someone who owns those models. Or at least get your hands on one first, paglaruan mo, then decide :)

5140: looks cool! available kaya sa GH? Yata :)

Check this out:


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