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Tell me, what does PCS stand for again?

So what does PCS mean? What does the acronym stand for again?
Philippine Computer Society

And this is their statement:

So that is their end of the line. They are not looking for the techies. They are looking for MIS people. CEO types.


But how they did the press release was oh so wrong, I tell you. Oh so wrong! Why didn't they clarify their first press release? Why didn't they give a more detailed set of qualifications, et cetera? How could they release the forms which had the vital statistics fill-up part?

"I screwed up. I take full responsibility for what happened because I assumed that the application forms were the original ones we sent. But we’ve already admitted that we made a mistake and it’s time to move on," Querubin, who is the general manager of software firm CrimsonLogic Philippines Inc., told

Big mistake for someone like him, a manager who is supposed to check for quality control. I took up a management class in college and it was one of the things we had to tackle. And where I work, the bosses are very particular about our correspondences, press releases, etc. Shouldn't he have made sure that their communications department sent out the proper forms?

And here's another quotable:

"We are looking for the future female CXOs -- the CEOs, CIOs [chief information officers] and CFOs [chief financial officers]," Querubin said.

"What we really wanted to stress is that you do not have to lose your femininity in order for you to succeed in the corporate world. There is nothing wrong with having beauty and brains," he added.

True. You don't have to lose your femininity. But it's bad to have to be chosen more because of your personality and image. Is image really everything? I think that techies have good personalties. Or maybe some are too pure for the corporate setting?

There is something wrong here. I hope that we will not keep quiet. Maybe the PCS people have the upper hand right now... But maybe not for long.

To Joey Alarilla: Thanks for letting us be heard through that article you wrote. At least they heard us, alright.


At 22:18, Anonymous said...

hmm. typical of them, taking the easy way out, without resolving any of the issues. while it's true that you don't have to lose your femininity in order to succeed, you also don't need to be oozing with it.



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