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Book review: Mr. Beetle's Many Rooms

Story and illustrations by Robert Magnuson
Published by Adarna House
Recommended for kids 10-11 years old.
Cost: Php 52.00 from National Bookstore

"Mr. Beetle posted a sign in front of his house that read - This House of Five Rooms Belongs to Mr. Beetle. No Tresspassing Please. But soon, other creatures came to live in his house and his house seemed to be growing new rooms!"

This story is in two languages, as usual. (Adarna House books usually have their books in two languages.) And this is another good book by Robert Magnuson. I have read a book by him called "The Spectacular Tree" and I enjoyed it immensely. This book is the same thing for me:an enjoyable read. This is a great book that could be used by storytellers in children's libraries, schools and homes. It has illustrations in all pages and the expressions on the faces of the insects are very vivid. People young and old alike can easily relate with the protagonist, Mr. Beetle. Robert Magnuson indeed has an imagination that could captivate a young one's heart and mind.

Kids can learn several lessons from this book. One is about the growth of plants, another thing is about the ecosystem from the point of view of insects and also about relating with one's neighbors. Although Adarna House has marked it as recommended for kids 10-11 years old, I think that even younger kids can appreciate this book, but learning the scientific concepts may depend on the storyteller.

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Originally posted on: November 2, 2004