Welcome to eclair, etc.!

This is Clair Ching's old website. It has my short stories, links to stuff that I go through every day, some things that I learn and maybe even some images of my daily life and or stuff related to my daily life.

My original files have been deleted when something happened to the server of www.domainstobuy.com, the host of this site.  I lost everything and I was not able to make any back ups at all =(  However, maybe this time around my site will be much improved.  My links are on del.icio.us. And the image on the sidebar - I have friends who would say that _that_ is me, but it's Yomiko Readman, from the anime Read Or Die. I guess there are a few similarities that I have with her.

You can access my current blogs on clair.pinoyweb.net and clair.free.net.ph.

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