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Some sidebar changes

I have removed my feed list on the sidebar because it is already so long. I plan to fix up my blogroll soon though. Thanks to the public view of my feeds on Bloglines, at least you can click the link to that so you can check my list of feeds on a separate page. From time to time I will probably put my Pick of the Month feeds or something like set themes of the feeds that I will place on the sidebar. Another thing I added to the sidebar is the calendar, which I got from RSSCalendar. I am not an expert on using Planner Mode yet but at least you have an idea of the things I do or events that I would like to plug via that calendar. Since it's in RSS, you can also subscribe to it. If you like feeds of certain events that I mark on my calendar like anime or gaming-related events I take note of, I think that it is possible to give you a separate feed for that since there are categories available for the calendar service.

If you want to check out these two services, you could just click the links there. So far, I really like using Bloglines because I like the way that it could also handle my email subscriptions to comics and that you could set the feeds that you read as public or private.

I am new to RSSCalendar. So far it's been easy for me to add events, etc. I have yet to explore the service. Anyhow, just post some comments here in case you've been using them or if you've tried them out.


At 19:53, Trebs said...

Onga, Clair. Ang haba na ng sidebar mo.


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