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Warranty is Important!

Times like these you really feel the amount of money you have draining away. And these days, changing a defective computer part is something that would indeed drain the pocket.

That is why I am happy that the computer we assembled on November 29 last year conked out within the warranty period. Imagine having to pay for everything - check up and parts. Man, that is so expensive. If I had a lot of money that won't be a problem. The thing is, everyone at home seems to have allocated money to other things, thinking that we won't have to fix anything or change anything in the computer until next year.

The other night, the computer just suddenly died. No warning whatsoever. I was just typing and it died. Blackness filled the monitor. And I tried rebooting it. There wasn't any beeping sound. There was no listing of devices detected. There was silence and the red LED that indicated that the harddrive was ok.

Brymac even called me up last night, trying to troubleshoot it. He made me remove the memory and try it if it would make a noise. He also asked me to remove the CMOS battery and check what happens. Nothing. Nothing happened. After some other things, he told me it might be the motherboard.

*sigh* At least the warranty is still valid.


At 16:17, El Raichu said...

long long time ago
i was playing good old ro
when suddenly the computer switched off
and i was puzzled to say the least
there was no warning, not even a beep
maybe i kicked the power cord, but i was wrong

my sudden horror made me shiver
i slammed the reset button on the computer
blackness on the computer screen
my rising panic made me scream

reset and reset, all night i tried
no boot, no whirr, so at last i cried
sobbing over my motherboard, fried
the day my pc died...


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