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OSS4Lib has been updated

I haven't checked oss4lib until today. I am glad that there are site updates already. It's been a while.

I have seen that PhpMyLibrary is already there^_^ I just heard about it from one of my batchmates. Polerio Babao III studied in UP but I never had the chance to meet him. I have to check out PhpMyLibrary and see how it goes.

I am happy that there are people who develop such software for libraries. Librarians here in the country usually have budgetary problems. Software vendors are around and offer packages such as Maelisa and Athena but they are expensive. The government has already cut down the budget for education again and so libraries (in general) suffer. In the private sector, it depends whether the institution is non-profit or not. Usually, non-profit organizations don't have much budget for libraries either. Money has been a problem and it continues to afflict librarians.

The site oss4lib is indeed helpful because of the options it offers. And now we even have a Filipino integrated library system. This might be a great opportunity for librarians to experiment with alternatives.


At 14:10, El Raichu said...

okay what is phpmylibrary? i don't know whether it's library software or a library for php developers. the phpmylibrary website is confusing for me, a n00b, to say the least.


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