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Open source has no future in RP, says expert - Apr. 04, 2004

Open source has no future in RP, says expert - Apr. 04, 2004

I think that the person interviewed here, Mr. Joey Gurango, is very negative about open source.

I am reminded of one of my friends who is very cautious about open source software, to the point of almost kicking for watching the documentary about Linux and open source software (waaay back in college). Up to now, he is very uptight about the topic, telling me and my other friend that there's a lot of writings about the good things about open source software but people leave out the negatives.

Be it proprietary or open source, software and the development have pros and cons. Right now, I am seeing it as a matter of preference. I am using both proprietary and open source software as of the moment. I am in the office, with my computer running on WinXP and other Microsoft software, but at the same time, I am using Firefox, GAIM, GIMP, E-sword and KewlpAd. (I could install but everything here in the office is M$ so I didn't bother.) They are useful to me right now and I have yet to explore the pros and cons of open source software.

This is what I think about OSS:

  • It can stimulate developers to think more creatively.
  • It has a potential to generate income for the country since we have a lot of brilliant minds.
  • When something goes wrong with it, you could go to the users' maling list or forums when you need help.
  • It's free of charge. Well, most of the time.
  • A lot of them are still in the development stages but there are stable versions available for download.
  • It's a risk, true. But it's something worth trying out.
  • It would help small businesses.
  • It's a great venue for the academe to experiment.

I think that that's it for now.


At 07:46, El Raichu said...

Software is a public good. I'm sure Sir Vlad would agree. Open source is just the logical course for software development.

Remember, it's not about "free beer"; it's about "free speech" chuvachuchu.

Let me recommend:


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