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Mozilla Update :: Extensions -- More Info: JustBlogIt

Mozilla Update :: Extensions -- More Info: JustBlogIt

As my friend Trebs has just IMed me, I am hooked on to Firefox. I have installed Slogger and even posted about it. I was really happy about it ^__^ And here I am with another extension. I have installed it last week but I am just posting about it now.

It's the Just Blog It! extension. Perfect for bloggers. When you like something that you see on the net and want to blog about it, just like this one, you just have to right click on the page you're browsing and voila! You have access to the update your blog section. And the Just Blog It extension works for Blogger, Livejournal and several other blog hosts.

I just luuuuuuuurve Firefox! I want to hug everyone who's making the extensions and everyone working on Firefox and making it better for us.


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