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Market!Market! and Kontact

That mall is right across where I work. It's pretty much like Glorietta but I think that their target audienc is all kinds of people, not just the A-B crowd. The layout is very much like Glorietta's.

Things I like about Market!Market!:

  • It's across the office:D
  • It has Watson's and Mercury Drug and they're open already.
  • They have a crafts shop:D
  • National Bookstore and Ex Libris are both there.
  • They have Tokyo Tokyo, Trellis and Dampa!
  • They have 6 cinemas and the prices are Php 75-100.
  • It is accessible from C5 and EDSA-Ayala (via jeep).

I tried asking some people if they want to go there. No one has showed enthusiasm except for three of them. Anyone who wants to explore the place? Please leave me a message on the flooble chatterbox/tag-board on the side if you do^_^ Hopefully I will bring a camera so it would be posted on this blog and/or my LJ.

Anyone out there who are running KDE apps?
I have been using Kontact for several weeks now and I didn't know until today that it is possible to make hierarchies of tasks there. Wow! This is great! I like it. I never tried google-ing up the info until today.
I found the information here:

Now I wish I could sync my Cassiopeia PV400 plus with my computer^_^;


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