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I really need a break

A snippet of my Y!IM conversation with Brymac. This is obviously a proof of my need for rest.

Brymac: ur last post in bizhat is grammatically screwed.
Clair: ha?
Clair: Oh no!
Clair: :(
Clair: My brain ain't working right...
Brymac: I am at work now but I can't take a leave since I have been using up my sick leaves and vacation leaves early this year
Clair: I need a new CMOS battery, dude!
Clair: Gimme one!
Brymac: i guess you do.
Clair: isn't that proof enough
Clair: ?!
Clair: Actually I was thinking that it was weird when I typed it. But i typed it in anyway. What is wrong with me?
Clair: :(
Brymac: overheated na ata cpu mo. off mo muna sa weekend kahit umaga or hapon lang


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