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A Go workstation?

Yep! It's true. You could do that by using Hikarunix and I got the link from one of the Pisay 98 bloggers, The Wandering Geek.

You could actually pop it in your CDROM/CDRW drive and presto! You have it running.

My sister likes to learn Go and we got hooked on to Hikaru no Go (HNG) so I guess it would be nice to download that distro. After all, it is like Knoppix, which is on live CD^_^

(I have yet to burn a copy of Knoppix so that I could bring it and show it to some people who are interested in Linux but are afraid to try... Just like me, in my pre-Mandrake10/Win2000Pro days.)

The link to the Hikarunix is here. Download it and try it if you like. There is also a link to the HNG manga on the site^_^

It is a very interesting concept indeed.


At 09:08, El Raichu said...

What is Hikarunix? Sounds cute!


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