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I have been frustrated this week because I have been feeling lazy. Not just lazy but it's as if my analytical and logical unit isn't working right. As my sister put it, "Neechan, you need a new CMOS battery."
I guess I do. I have been in front of the computer almost every evening, sifting through my old draft and the new information I have gathered for the project I am working on. And yet I get so sleepy even before 12 midnight. I have caught myself time and again, dozing off. Argh. That hurts my schedule really badly. Each delay causes a workload pile up. That's not good. Anyway, I will try to catch some Z's early this evening. My body really needs to recharge. I am work now but I can't take a leave since I have using up my sick leaves and vacation leaves early this year:(

Sigh... The travails of a yuppie is getting the best of me.


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