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Flooble chatterbox and the tag-board

I have used various tag-boards and shoutboxes before but I have come back to using Flooble. Funny, isn't it? Well, the original tag-board I used before isn't accessible anymore. The source was down, I think. Oh well. And now I have come back to Flooble. I guess that what I really like about it is that it keeps a history of the conversations that have gone on in it. And I even have the IP addresses of the people who have used the chatterbox. At least, I could access those comments and stuff and save them. I must sound really weird for thinking of saving those comments and what not. Those do come in handy sometimes.

I thinking of using the tag-board I got from but I might not post it here on my blog. Maybe somewhere else on the site. But for this blog, I think I will stick with my flooble chatterbox.


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